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Meet Kaden, Lil Survivor!

*A portion of the profit from all Lil Survivor purchases will be donated to support of Kaden's Survivor Day and Child Abuse Prevention*

Please read  Kaden's very touching story below and like his Facebook Page "With Love, From Kaden.

From Facebook Fan Page:

With love from Kaden is a love project! Our family started a teddy bear and blanket drive last year. Why a stuffed animal and blanket drive you might be asking yourself? You have to understand Kaden's story. My sweet baby is an Abusive Head Trauma SURVIVOR!!! Sadly at the age of three and a half months old and only 13 pounds, Kaden was shook by someone who should have protected him. A moment of frustration almost ended my son's life. Sadly as a result of Abusive Head Trauma, Kaden had to have multiple brain surgeries over a year and a half time frame. This time in our lives was the hardest time we've ever had to endure. When all control is taken from you and you are at the hands of complete strangers, you feel lost and alone. As his mother, I've cried and I've cried never being able to understand why my child. Finding comfort in pain is such a gut wrenching process. Throughout this process, as a family we found comfort in two of the most simplest of places. The first place we found comfort was from a stuffed animal. During one of his surgeries, Kaden was given a stuffed animal. Oddly enough this stuffed animal gave not only Kaden comfort, it gave me as his mother comfort. When he was rushed off to surgery, I could barely stand. My little baby was having brain surgery and fighting for his life. I was able to hold this stuffed animal. Oddly enough, It made me feel like I had a piece of him with me. After surgery, it gave Kaden so much love. He could cuddle with it and use it as a pillow to hold his head up. The second place we found comfort was from a blanket given to Kaden by a nurse. After his second surgery, Kaden throw up all over his blanket from home from the pressure in his head. One of the nurses gave him a homemade blanket someone had donated to the hospital. Kaden still wraps up with his puppy blanket from the hospital all the time. With love from Kaden is a stuffed animal and blanket drive in Kaden's honor. In honor of his survival story! He is a lucky child. With the grace of God, he survived. We are collecting stuffed animals and blankets between now and Christmas. Our goal is to collect 100 stuffed animals and blankets to donate to the hospital that saved Kaden's life. Last year, we donated over 75 stuffed animals and blankets to children in the hospital over the holiday season. It is our hope With love from Kaden's stuffed animals and blankets will give other children and families the same comfort during one of the hardest time we know they will have to face. Comfort just like Kaden's stuffed animal and blanket gave us. If you would like to donate any items to the with love from Kaden's love project. Please contact me for our mailing address. With Love, Kaden, Lexi, and Tracie!



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