What is Lil Leaders?

What is Lil Leaders?



Lil Leaders is a brand that provides clothing and products with unique characters that exemplify minority leaders to a national market consisting of Americans of all ages and classes.  Each character is a childlike caricature representation of a minority leader that youth and adults can identify with and wear proudly.  Lil Leaders apparel fills a void in the market for consumers who desire clothing with Black characters.  



Our Story



Lil Leaders was created from our love for our children and the desire to build their confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge of self.  The idea stemmed from our own child being saddened that she did not look like some of her favorite hero and princess characters on her clothing.  She innocently questioned why none of her clothing had characters that were “brown like me”.  We explained that everyone is uniquely made, but we honestly did not have a great answer to her question. 



As her parents, we were highly motivated to find her kids clothing with Black characters.  With little to no success, we were confident that other families have experienced this same dilemma, and from there we decided to provide a solution to this problem.  Thus, ...Lil Leaders was created!!



Our Mission



Lil Leaders’ mission is to inspire our future leaders, increase cultural awareness, and break down racial and social barriers. By providing unique and quality clothing, Lil Leaders will increase the availability and visibility of positive images and increase the desire within all people to promote the images of minority heroes and leaders.



--Lil Leaders wants to make these positive images available, make them visible, and make people want to wear them. --



Lil Leaders is so excited to provide this to ALL people of ALL ages.  We hope that you shop with us and enjoy wearing our inspiring and unique clothing!!





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